Allanna Teddy Rose

Warm Red Teddy Rose ~small~

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Our teddy roses are designed to make your loved one feel extremely special! we offer same day delivery which makes it perfect as a last minute gift. The teddy roses are made out of 100’s of artificial roses which means the gift will last a lifetime. You can also customise it by adding in a personalised message, chocolates, lights and a gift box.
Why Allanna Teddy Rose?

 🧸Save on delivery costs.
 🌹Gift that lasts a lifetime.
 🧸Perfect for room decor.
 🌹Very Instagram Friendly!
 🧸Gift that your loved one has never received.
 🌹100% Guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's  face.
 🧸 A Perfect combination between Teddy Bears and Roses.

 Product Features:

 🌹Size is 25cm approximately.
 🧸Made out of artificial roses.
 🌹Warm red Teddy Rose.
 🧸all our Teddy’s are Hand made.